Molecular Dynamics

Molecular modelling of meso- and nanoscale dynamics is one of the pillars of the expanding fields of mirco- and nanotechnology. We are using Molecular Dynamics (MD) to understand physical process with respect to fluids and solids on nanoscale, as well as in the framework of meso and multiscale modelling (coupling of continuum and molecular fluid dynamics). Historically, MD simulations have been performed with simple periodic boundary conditions, but, more recently, the need for more sophisticated boundary conditions, e.g. flux boundary conditions, has emerged due to a number of applications, including micro/nanofluidic devices, microsensors, micromixing and coatings. We have been working on the above issues, including the type of the fluid and specific properties, in particular the molecular size, surface tension, etc.; (b) the state of the material, for example the density and temperature at the boundary; and (c) the way the external force is distributed on the boundary atoms.

Molecular Cluster - Collision Dynamics
Crack propagating through solid surface
Mixing of molecular gas flow into a gas tank


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